Why Use Ego Bait™?

When we're talking to guests, we don't use that term and tell them we're baiting them into sharing, but what we’re doing is incentivizing them to do it.

A podcast where you have a guest being interviewed is an ideal situation for ego bait. When we're talking to guests, we don't use that term and tell them we're baiting them into sharing, but what we’re doing is incentivizing them to do it.

Ego bait is one of the images we create here at Podetize as a part of episode production. It is usually a square graphic image that has the host and the guest's headshot on it. Some clients prefer a different proportion, and we can accommodate that upon request.

The graphic image is designed in alignment with the show, the colors, or the logos. The most important part is it contains a written quote of something the host said about the guest(s) that's very flattering, something that makes them look really good. If there isn't an appropriate quote like that from that particular episode, it could be something brilliant that the guest said during the episode. We find it works a little bit better if it's something that the host said about the guest.

On the day the episode publishes, our Podetize Client Portal will trigger an email to the guest thanking them for being on the show and informing them of the publish date. The email also contains the links to the podcast, blog post, video (if there is one), and any other social media asset they may use to share the episode.

One of these links is to this ego bait graphic. Once the guest sees it they almost always share it because it says, “Hey, world, look at me. I was on this podcast.” At the same time, it also says, “Hey world, look at this podcast.” So it's a win-win. It gives them exposure and it gives the podcast exposure to the guest's followers, audience, or list.

Aside from the graphic image, there is an HTML embed code also included in the email with instructions on how to use it. If they copy that text and paste it onto one of the pages of their own website – whether it be their About page, a media page, a press page, or any page – the ego bait embed code displays that ego bait image on their website. Now that ego bait image doesn't actually exist on the guest's website. It exists on the host's website. The image is clickable, so when anybody visits their website and they click on that ego bait image, it opens a new tab the blog post for that episode on the host's website.

Another really important thing the ego bait does is it creates what's called a backlink from the guest's website to the host's website, which is another important factor in website ranking. The more backlinks, the more powerful a website is, the more people are going to visit that website from other websites.

Ego bait is a wonderful thing. If it's done right, it's a win-win. It incentivizes others and baits them to promote your show and help get you more exposure.

For a deeper understanding of the value and use of Ego Bait™ please check out Tom & Tracy’s podcast episode. For more about Ego Bait™ click here to view the client coaching webinar. The links are listed below as well.

Examples of Ego Bait™: