What Should A Podcaster Keep In Mind When Submitting Ego Bait™?

When submitting your episodes keep in mind the elements of Ego Bait ™:

  • The introduction of your guest can be used as the Ego Bait ™ quote to create impact and consistent messaging.
  • Caution: refrain from reciting their resume – the audience is listening and value your view on their expertise, in your market, and to your audience.
  • When submitting your featured guest info, you may include the quote to use in the Ego Bait ™ quote field within the client portal. If you do not indicate a quote for us to use, don’t worry; we will find one for you.
  • The guest image and name will be the ones you provide to us in the appropriate areas in the client portal.
  • You are able to request changes, change the quote, check the spelling of the guest’s name, etc. prior to the episode airing.