What is the purpose of Ego Bait

Respect and recognition create attraction to you and your brand. Your podcast is one element that supports and makes a statement that you KNOW something, have EXPERIENCE, and are willing to share WISDOM with your listeners.

I guess you might be wondering what is a sure-fire way to encourage and get guests to share the episode with their followers?
Let's look at what has been tested and what has worked best to increase podcast sharing activity and engagement.
I would like to introduce you to a great term to describe an effective tool to get people to click. It is an image, quote, and testimonial all wrapped up in one.
We call it Ego Bait ™.
Here are some of the details that create the engagement that Ego Bait ™ provides:
  • Picture
    • Both your image and your guest’s image will appear side-by-side. Guests are more likely to share the image when they feel they are not just promoting themselves.
  • Quotes
    • An impressive comment about your guest.
      • Something you said that features their expertise and benefit to your listeners.
      • Something you learned that impressed or surprised you.
      • NOT be a recitation of their tagline or resume.
  • Embed Code
    • The image is emailed to your featured guest through our system. The HTML code is included for ease of embedding on your featured guest’s website.
      • They simply will copy and paste the code into their press or media page. The code will auto generate the image and link it back to the blog post for that episode.
  • Ease of reposting
    • Ego Bait ™ is an all-in-one brand or product imprint that is easy to share and repost.
For a deeper understanding of the value and use of Ego Bait ™ please check out Tom & Tracy’s podcast episode. For more about Ego Bait ™ click here to view the client coaching webinar. The links are listed below as well.
Examples of Ego Bait: