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How Do I List My Podcast Or Show On Apple, Google, Spotify & Other Syndication Or Listening Apps?

Syndication is always included in Podetize podcast hosting!

We syndicate to ALL major podcast platforms FOR YOU to help you get broadcast exposure.
Simply email Success@Podetize.com once you have verified the following items are completed and we will take care of the syndication for you. Please be aware syndication may take the full 7 days to complete once the podcast is submitted for review to each app for the first time.
  1. At least one episode is Published (not scheduled to publish or saved as a draft)
  2. The Show settings contain a valid email address is in the owner email field
  3. The cover art is between 2400 x 2400 to 3000 x 3000 pixels and is in the RGB color space.

We will add the link to each platform under the Podcast's "Distributions" option listed in the 3-dot menu to the right of each show.

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