How do I set ad spots within my podcast episodes?

Select "Ads" from the 3 dot menu next to the episode you are looking to mark spots on.

Video Walkthrough:


HubSpot Video


Step 1: Click "Episodes" from the left side menu
Step 2: Hover over the 3 dots to the right of the episode you would like to mark ad spots on.
Step 3: Click "Ads" from the menu that will appear
Step 4: Use the player and fields available to set timecodes within the episode that you would like an ad to play.
Step 5: Click "Save"
Step 6: Wait for file re-processing to complete.

Please note an ad file does not have to be selected from the dropdown while marking ad spots in episodes. Selecting "Not Set" will not change the episode but will save the time code you selected for future use.