How do I deploy a new ad to all episodes?

Under Ads, you can select any ad and mass deploy it to any ad spots previously marked within the episodes on your account.

Video Walkthrough

HubSpot Video

Step 1: Click "Ads" from the left side menu
Step 2: Select the ad you would like to deploy. You can select multiple ads for randomization between those selected.
Step 3: Select a type of ad spot to deploy the ad to and which episodes you would like as well.
Step 4: Click "Assign Selected Ads"
Step 5: Select the shows and/or episodes you would like those ads deployed to.
Step 6: Type "proceed" to confirm changes.
Step 7: Click "Save"
Step 8: Wait for the episode to fully reprocess (can take up to 30 minutes depending on how many episodes were selected).

Please note listening apps can take 24-48 hours to reflect ad changes.